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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQs to get answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding customized eyewear.

  • What makes Swiss Eyewear Group the experts when it comes to customized eyewear?
    In-depth experience. On average, our employees have more than 15 years of experience in the eyewear industry. Designers in our team have designed and developed optical products for brands such as INVU, Rip Curl, Marc Stone, Polaroid, Benetton, Columbia, Navyboot, Sauber Petronas, Reebok, El Charro, BMW, Revlon, Disney, Warner Brothers, Hello Kitty and many more. Swiss Eyewear Group has access to the best, most reliable eyewear factories and can select the factories that are the best fit for your specific requirements.
  • What products can Swiss Eyewear Group develop for me?
    Our core competences are customized sunglasses, reading glasses and optical frames. We are also experts when it comes to tailor-made accessories such as cases, neck cords, cleaning cloths etc., as well as point-of-purchase materials.
  • What’s the next step?
    Please fill out the Fast Track questionnaire on our website, contact us at or by phone at +41 (0) 44 533 58 72. We would be delighted to start discussing your customized eyewear needs or to answer any questions you may have on a potential project. We look forward to talking with you.
  • What sized projects can Swiss Eyewear Group do for me?
    We can realize any sized project. Current and past projects range from a single promotional sunglass item, to designing and developing entire private label collections, for retailers and brand owners.
  • What key information should I have about my customized eyewear project?
    When you get in touch with Swiss Eyewear Group about your customized eyewear project, we will be discussing the following topics with you in order to find out more about your specific requirements: What is the scope of your project and what is the marketing idea behind your customized eyewear project (i.e. promotional eyewear, gift, incentive, private label, designer collection)? Who is your target group and what style of eyewear do you want (i.e. female, male, unisex, age group, classic, trend, active, sports)? What is the positioning of your customized eyewear in terms of retail pricing or perceived value by your target group? What level of customization do you need for the eyewear (i.e. styles, color designs and patterns, lenses, branding) and what are your requirements in terms of accessories and point-of-purchase materials? How many units do you need? What is your timeframe for the project? What is your budget, expected price and/or expected margins off the retail price positioning?
  • What quality level can I expect from my customized eyewear?
    We develop customized products for you based on your specific requirements. This can range from promotional, highly price driven products to top of the line products made with state-of-the-art materials including the latest lens and coating technologies. All products we produce will meet relevant global standards and will be in line with your local market compliance requirements. Swiss Eyewear Group has its own quality control inspectors at the manufacturing locations to ensure your products meet all required criteria.
  • Are there any minimum production volumes required for my eyewear project?
    We can produce customized eyewear projects starting at 300 pieces for each color variation, with a minimum of 600 pieces per model. Therefore, the minimum to get started with your project is 600 pieces (split into 2 colors). Those are the minimums for any injection frames (materials that are injected into a mold). For acetate frames – when there is no mold needed – the minimums can be reduced to only 200 per colour variation only; as long as you reach the 600 units in total per model.
  • What level of customization can Swiss Eyewear Group do for me?
    Generally speaking, there are no limits! Anything is possible – including frame styles, colors, materials, branding, lens colors, lens performance, quality level and customized accessories. However, you can of course also select your eyewear models from our huge library of existing styles.
  • What’s the best way to get my project rolling?
    The easiest and most efficient way to kick-off your customized eyewear project is by filling out our Fast Track questionnaire on our website. This will give us the most important information around your project before we get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can send us an email briefing of your project to or call us under +41 (0) 44 533 58 72. After we have a good understanding of the requirements of your project, we can either get started on your project or if we are working on a larger project, then visiting us at our headquarters in Zürich Switzerland would be the perfect next step. In Zürich, you can meet and work with all of our experts face to face. Our Design Team as well as our supply chain, graphic design and marketing experts are all based in Switzerland. We also have a wide range of eyewear products that you can look at and try on so that we all have a better understanding of your specific requirements.
  • What services can Swiss Eyewear Group offer to me?
    Swiss Eyewear Group is your “one stop shop” for your entire eyewear project. Throughout your project, you will have one contact person located at our headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland. This person will be responsible for the entire project management from A to Z. They will guide you through all phases of your project - from the initial briefing to determine your requirements, to the delivery of your customized, certified, and quality controlled finished goods. As well as designing your sunglasses, we can also design, develop and produce all accessories such as lens stickers, hang tags, packaging and customized cases. In addition, we can create your point-of- purchase materials and help you with any requirements you may have in marketing and logo development.
  • What is the expected timeline for my eyewear project?
    The timeline generally depends on the level of complexity of your project. For example, a simple project with one or two preexisting styles, customized colors, simple branding, and preexisting accessories would take four to five months from the first meeting until your customized eyewear would be delivered to you. A complex private label collection with specific styles and requirements as well as detailed branding requirements entails more extensive design time as well as the approval of samples. Therefore, it would normally take six to eight months, from the first meeting until your customized eyewear collection would be delivered to you.
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